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In July 2012 we sold our first full load. It was European beech and the destination was South Africa.

Since then we have concentrated most of our efforts in serving the UK and the Republic of Ireland. This has been a very successful route for us, and by the end of December 2019 our customers have bought 525 X 40’ articulated truckloads of timber products from us from seven different countries.

We continue to expand our product range as new opportunities of serving our customers present themselves. By offering a wider product base, we are also increasing our share of the timber market. But full 40’ loads at competitive prices are not all we can offer.

We have now launched a new concept of break-bulk deliveries, so that customers who don’t want to invest in large stocks can take advantage of the same high-quality products but at lower prices. Customers who were once shy of buying our bulk loads before are discovering new interest in what we can offer them. We believe that quality does not have to be sacrificed for price and our customers are believing it too!

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